This Privacy Notice is issued in compliance with the provisions of article 15 of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Entities (LFPDPPP, for its acronyms in Spanish), article 23 of its corresponding regulations, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Privacy Notice.

VILLAS AND RENTALS LAS PALMAS S.C., hereinafter referred to as the Responsible Party, with address at: Calle Camelia #157, Colonia Guerrero, Cuauhtémoc Delegation, Mexico City, zip code: 06300, provides administration services within Las Palmas Condominium, and is responsible for collecting personal data and using, treating and protecting the same, of the people that use the rental services of Las Palmas Luxury Villas, either as condominium owner or guest.

The Responsible Party shall collect from you the personal data that is necessary for the proper provision of our comprehensive property management services.  You may provide your data either personally, directly through our staff, by phone call and/or e-mail. The data to be collected shall be the following:

1. Condominium owner identification data: Full name, age, address, email, home and/or work telephone number, cell phone number.

2. Family data: Number of people who reside in the private unit and relation with the condominium owner.

3. Additional data: Number of vehicles and models that may enter the Condominium, service personnel working in the private unit.

All personal information collected by the Responsible Party shall be used for the following purposes:

to. To inform and notify you about any matter related to the private unit you are renting.

b. To contact you for any matter related to our services or this Privacy Notice.

c. To answer and/or clarify any doubts or comments related to your private unit.

d. To collect and preserve the documentation related to the administration.

The Responsible Party is bound to make the greatest effort to protect the security of personal data, which shall be treated under the strictest physical and technical security measures, as well as administrative, electronic and confidentiality measures by means of legal acts, the use of technologies that control the authorized access, unauthorized use or disclosure; storage of information in databases with limited access in controlled facilities with security mechanisms, as well as the constant revision of security systems and proper training of the personnel in charge.

You may limit the use or disclosure of your personal data to stop receiving our services, as well as communication about the Condominium by sending an email to: or by requesting it in writing to the Condominium Administration office.

The Responsible Party informs you that you may exercise the ARCO rights contained in article 16, at any time, section IV of the LFPDPPP, rights that consist in the following:

1.- ACCESS to your personal data in the possession of the Responsible Party and the corresponding Privacy Notice.

2.- RECTIFICATION in the event that some of your personal data is inaccurate, erroneous, incomplete or out of date, you may request its correction and/or updating, by sending an email to or in writing to the condominium’s administration office.

3.- CANCELLATION, when you consider it so, you may request the cancellation and, when proceeding, the elimination of the data base of the Responsible Party in case you consider that the personal data is not being handled in accordance with the principles of Law or for the purposes for which they were initially collected.

4.- OPPOSITION to the use of Personal Data by the Responsible Party in case of deciding not to have any legal relation or to use the services herein offered.

The owner of the Personal Data, on his/ her own behalf or through a legal representative, may exercise his / her ARCO rights, as well as to revoke his / her consent by sending an email to or in writing, clearly and precisely describing the personal data for which he/she may exercise any of these rights.

If you do not state otherwise, the Responsible Party may transfer your personal data to the extent necessary for the proper provision of our services. In this sense, you are informed that in order to provide our services we need to transfer said Personal Data to the Administration office within Las Palmas Condominium, where it shall be kept by the Administrator. The Responsible Party is bound to ensure that all the legal principles of protection regarding the transfer of your personal data are complied with.

Whenever the transfer of data is be deemed necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relation between the person in charge and the owner.

The Responsible Party reserves the right to make changes, modifications, add or delete parts of this Privacy Notice, making them known to you. You may request at any time the electronic document of the same directly at the Administration office or via e-mail to the e-mail address:

The Responsible party shall process your Personal Data solely and exclusively in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Notice that establish the relation of Condominium Administrator and condominium owner.

By providing your personal data, you confirm and accept that you have read this Privacy Notice and you give your consent to comply with the provisions therein included.